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Address J1G

J1G your address for botting.

The Address J1G is another incredible feature that SoleStash offers. J1GGING is used to scramble your address in a way that is readable but unique to each J1G and obfuscated.

There are 3 modes:

  • Basic Mode

  • Medium Mode

  • Strong Mode

You may J1G up to 10,000 times in a single task.

You can choose between a mixed and set prefix. A prefix is the random combination of letters that appears before the address. Mixing it will use a random amount on each J1G. You can also disable the prefix.

You have the option to J1G address line 2 if you wish.

Once you click J1G, it will automatically create a CSV file that you can download with your results.

Basic Mode

Basic mode will simply add a prefix before the address line.

Medium Mode

Medium mode will add a prefix and abbreviate the suffix. We have a preset list of abbreviations that have been perfected and proven to be effective.

For example as shown above, Street may be changed to Strt, Steet, Streeet etc.

This is automated and you do not need to declare your suffix, it will be detected for you.

Strong Mode

Strong mode will add a prefix, abbreviate the suffix and add random dots and spaces. This is the strongest mode that we offer.

The abbreviations are also stronger, containing numbers as a replacement for letters (for example E is replaced with 3 in some J1Gs).

The street name is only obfuscated with dots and spaces to keep the integrity of it. This has proven to be effective.

If you have any questions regarding Address J1G, we have expert support in our Discord Server.

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