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User Settings

Manage your settings and preferences.

Here you can setup your Discord Webhooks to integrate your data with Discord. Setting your Discord User ID will allow the webhooks to ping your account.

How to find your Discord User ID.

You may also set your StockX Seller Level here. This will display accurate fees when you go to mark something as sold on StockX.

Currency preference and size preference are necessary if you are not from the UK as it will tailor your experience and ensure all of the data is correct.

You can also reset your password. Please set this to something strong as the last thing you want is for someone to get into your account and ruin your data. It is recommended to use lower and uppercase letters, numbers, symbols and have at least 8 characters. Please update your password regularly if possible.

You may also instantly reset any of your data on the settings page.


You will see this small widget stuck to the right side of your screen. Clicking it will reveal this pop-up tab.

We offer both a light and dark mode to ease your eyes at different times of the day.

You may also change the theme of the navbar (the bar on the left of your screen for PC users, and top of your screen for mobile users).

If you are on PC, you will also see this small icon top-right of your screen. Clicking it will instantly switch between light and dark mode.

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