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Data Bulk Import

Easily migrate from your old spreadsheet or software.

This is the perfect welcome to SoleStash.

Instantly import all of your data from your old spreadsheet or software and join our community.

Your data must be in a CSV file format but the data does not need to follow a structure as you will see below.

To import your data, please head over to the settings page on the website.

You will see these two cards below the user settings.

Revert import allows you to instantly revert an import at any time and have the data removed. This is very useful incase you accidentally upload the wrong data.

To start, please select the tab for the data you want to import (inventory, sales, income, expenses) then upload your CSV file.

For this example I will upload an inventory file. You will be greeted by a pop-up that looks like this.

This is called column mapping. You will now identify which column holds the necessary data. The leftmost column contains the product name, so I will mark it by clicking the dropdown above it What is this? and selecting Product Name.

I will then mark each of my columns until I have marked the mandatory fields (product name, cost, size). You will be able to import once you have identified the mandatory fields, but it is recommended that you try and import for all of the given options if possible.

After clicking import, SoleStash will automatically located the items in the database and match them up to the product (please import SKU if you wish for this to be most successful) and has calculated the value of all of the items.

If you do encounter any errors, simply use the revert import feature and contact support. You can use revert as show below.

Voila! SoleStash has just imported 88 inventory items and saved me hours of manual work. As you can see it automatically found the shoe and grabbed the image, description, SKU, release date, market hyperlinks etc.

With absolutely 0 errors! 🎉

You can easily do this for sales, expenses and income. For sales you can directly import them and don't need to have them added as inventory beforehand.

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