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Track your recurring subscriptions.


Subscriptions are used to track recurring payments. The most common use of this is for cook groups and bots. Cook groups may charge £30 a month, such as Astro Alerts (I highly recommend this group), and it would be a task to manually enter the expense each month.

Subscriptions will automatically calculate the next due date with the given interval (e.g. every month) and will automatically add this as an expense every month without you even needing to login to the website!

This is a fantastic tool that you can use to automate your tasks.

Adding a Subscription

Add Subscription

When adding a subscription, the interval is how often the subscription is charged.

Let's say I wanted to add my Astro Alerts subscription to SoleStash.

The first thing I would do is find out when my subscription is next due. I will set the interval to monthly as Astro charges me every month. Once we have reached the next due date, SoleStash will automatically deduct the expense and add 31 days to the next due date, calculating when the next payment will occur. You do not need to do anything from this point as it's all automatic.

You may also find it useful to store your license key on the subscription, but this is not always necessary.

If you get a subscription incorrect and it charges with the wrong amount or on the wrong interval, it's easy to refund subscription charges in just one click.

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