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Change License Key

How to migrate your account to another key.

Don't make a new account when you get a new license key!

As we have a lot of partnerships with different groups, our users often switch between license keys. So we have created an automated migration panel to do all the work for you.

Head over to to get started.

For example, you may currently be paying for a SoleStash monthly key but have recently joined one of our partnership groups, such as Astro Alerts. Being in Astro Alerts means you can use their license key to get free access to SoleStash.

In this instance, you would head over to the migration page, enter your username, password and Astro Alerts license key. This will then switch your account key to Astro. You can then head over to SoleStash and cancel your membership as long as you're a member of our partner groups.

If you ever decide to leave Astro and pay monthly for SoleStash again, you can head back over to the migration page and switch back to a SoleStash key.

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