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Email Hub

Automatically scrape and import your emails.

Email Hub is currently in BETA!

The Email Hub is one of the more advanced features that SoleStash offers.

To put it briefly, Email Hub allows you to forward your emails to your SoleStash catchall address and store them all on your account. The Email Hub parses your emails and scrapes data from them to import into your SoleStash account. This means you can bulk import emails and get all of your data added in seconds.

For example: you buy a shoe on Offspring and have your email setup to automatically forward Offspring emails to SoleStash. Once SoleStash receives this email, it will scrape the data from it and automatically add the shoe to your inventory.

This is an extremely useful feature and automates nearly all of the tasks that are required.

You are given your own unique catchall email which you will forward everything to.

Keep this private!

You may wish to setup auto-forwarding on your main email, I will provide a video at a later date on how to do this, but you can find tutorials on YouTube. Majority of you will just need to manually forward the email over, you can do this in bulk.

Above is an order confirmation email from Offspring.

SoleStash will attempt to manually locate the product, but some sites such as Offspring don't provide the SKU or generic product name. You can easily click (Find Product) and match it.

Once the email has been scraped, you just click import, edit any values if you need to, and then it will instantly be added to your inventory.

There is big things coming to Email Hub so don't sleep on it...

How to auto-forward emails

Email List for Filtering






Open the Filter Setup

You can open the filter setup in Gmail easily using one of three methods. Use whichever is simplest or most convenient for you.

Click the gear icon to access your Settings, and then click “See All Settings” in the sidebar. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab and click “Create a New Filter.”

If you’ve just set up a forwarding address in the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, you can also find it by clicking “Creating a Filter.”

Yet another method is using the Search box at the top of Gmail. Click the arrow on the right side of the search box. This combines looking for an email with creating a filter.

Enter the Filter Criteria

You’ll see the most common fields where you can enter the criteria that you want Gmail to look for. These include From, To, Subject, Has the Words, Doesn’t Have the Words, and Size. You also have checkboxes for emails that contain attachments and whether or not you want to include chats.

Complete one or more fields to define the emails that you want to forward. Here are a couple of examples to get you started.

You can enter the from field for Alias, StockX etc.

Once you have the criteria entered that you want to use, click “Create Filter.”

Select the Filter Actions

Then, forward the messages to your SoleStash catchall address (this can be found on the Email Hub).

Edit the Filter or Stop Forwarding

You can edit or delete a filter that you create in Gmail anytime. Click the gear icon to access your Settings, and then click “See All Settings” in the sidebar. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab to see a list of your current filters.

To make a change, click “Edit” to the right of the filter. Make your adjustments and click “Update Filter.”

To stop using a filter altogether, click “Delete” to the right of it. Then, confirm by clicking “OK.”

Credits to this source for the tutorial

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