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Add and manage your stock.

Inventory is where you store and manage all of your stock. We have a database of almost 8000 shoes containing the image, description, retail price, date and style code.

The markets column contains hyperlinks to StockX, GOAT and FlightClub which you can use to check the current market prices of the item.

Export allows you to download your inventory as a CSV or print it.

Webhook will send a Discord Webhook to the link you provide in settings containing information about your inventory.

The actions tab allows you to bulk delete inventory items. Select the items you want to bulk action with the checkbox to the left of the item.

You can search for items and change the rows displayed with the table options.

Inventory is not limited to shoes! You can add Custom Items which can be literally anything that you're selling.

To add inventory, head over to the Inventory page and click the green plus button.

Search for an item or add a custom item. If you cannot find the item and you believe it doesn't exist in the database already, read about our SoleStash Discord bot.

When adding your item, only fields with the * are mandatory. Everything else is optional for you.

We recommend uploading an invoice to keep proper records of your inventory. You may upload any type of image or a PDF file. The maximum file size is 5MB.

If you have multiple items which all have the same value (e.g. same cost, size, purchase date, invoice) then you can put the quantity into the Add Multiple textbox. This will loop the process of adding the same item multiple times and may save you a lot of manual work.

When marking an inventory item as sold, the invoice will carry over and be stored as the Purchase Invoice on the sale.

Once marking an inventory item as sold, you will no longer be able to recover the item or edit the Purchase Invoice. Please ensure all details are correct before marking it as sold.

To view your invoice, click View More on the inventory item ellipses. Then click the (Invoice) link.

Marking an Item as sold

To mark an item as sold, click the ellipses on the inventory item. Then click View More.

This will bring you to the page which shows in-depth information about the inventory item, and has the form to mark it as sold.

We have pre-defined platforms which are most commonly used. This outlines the fees and saves you some time by automatically setting the courier and other details. You also have the Other tab if you have not sold it on one of these platforms.

StockX, Laced and Alias only ask for total payout. Platforms such as eBay and Other will allow you to input fees. This is because majority of people do not need to enter any fees for these platforms as they're deducted before payment is made. If you do wish to details these fees, please use the Other tab which gives you more advanced options.

Notes can be used to store any details that you need about the sale, and can be edited at any time.

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