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Introducing SoleStash

Here you can learn why SoleStash is used by hundreds of resellers everyday!
SoleStashIO is a reseller companion tool that provides automation for tracking all aspects of reselling, and offers extra powerful tools to assist your business.
SoleStash Showcase Video
  • Making Reselling A Breeze
    - SolestashIO is the best software for any reseller looking to advance their career. Providing the best tools to cover every aspect of reselling, we really do make reselling a breeze.
  • Dashboard Statistics
    - See an exact breakdown of your entire reselling business, from monthly profits and losses to amount of sales. All of this data is shown on interactive graphs that you can find on the dashboard, which update in real-time to your activity.
  • Track Inventory
    - Upload all of your inventory to SoleStash in seconds. We have built a database with just under 8000 shoes. With our advanced search system, you can find the shoe you want to add and instantly have it added to your inventory with data such as SKU (Style Code), Image, Retail Price, Description & Release Date. Your inventory worth is automatically calculated for you and allows you to see at a glimpse how much money you've invested into stock. This is not strictly for shoes! Our database is solely built on shoes, but you can add your own custom items. Whether that be electronics, clothes or collectibles, you can track anything with SoleStash.
  • Track Sales
    - Instantly mark your inventory as sold on any platform. This will automatically calculate your ROI and profit, and add the values to your account. Sales are manually imported, SoleStash will not watch your selling accounts for you. Marking an item as sold will take no more than 30 seconds, just plug in a few values and SoleStash will handle the rest for you.
  • Track Packages
    - Add your inbound/outbound packages to SoleStash along with the tracking information to get automatic reminders the day before and day of delivery. This allows you to keep track of packages that you're sending and receiving, containing the contents of the parcel too. Shipping costs are also added to your expenses.
  • Track Subscriptions
    - With SoleStash, you can track your recurring subscriptions (such as Cook Groups and Bots). This will automatically calculate your next due date based on the interval, and will add to your expenses and notify you when a subscription is due to be paid/has been paid.
  • Track Expenses
    - Keep track of your miscellaneous expenses with SoleStash. All business expenses matter as they help you pay less tax on your return. Keep track of anything from printer paper to proxy costs.
  • Track Income
    - Add any miscellaneous income that your business receives, such as PAS fees. This will be calculated in your tax return and added to your profits.
  • Address J1G
    - This tool takes your address and generates thousands of different combinations of your address with slight changes. This ranges from random spaces, dots, letters and abbreviations. Extremely useful and advanced tool mostly used by people who use bots.
  • Stock Showcase
    - Share your own unique stock link to your customers to display what you have in your inventory, including images of the product, sizes, prices etc.
  • Invoice Generator (Coming Soon)
    - Generate intriguing and colourful invoices personalised to your business and instantly send to your customers via email, or download in a PDF format to your system.
  • Email Hub
    - Get your own personal catch-all email address free of charge on SoleStash. You can have relevant emails (raffles wins, new checkouts, sales) automatically forwarded to this address for SoleStash to scrape the data and import it to your account. Currently supporting Offspring, END and many more!
  • Discount Codes
    - Store your discount codes on SoleStash so you never forget when you can grab an easy discount on your favourite websites.
  • Bulk Import
    - Easily migrate to SoleStash from your old spreadsheets or software with the Bulk Import feature. You can import your inventory, sales, income and expenses in seconds. No need to follow a format, just upload your PDF file and map the columns for SoleStash to do the rest of the work. If it makes a mistake, easily revert your import in settings and it'll be as if nothing happened.
  • Data Export
    - Instantly generate documents for any specific time period containing all of the necessary data and calculations needed for your business. This is all broken down into individual files for easy analysis and usage.
  • Discord Integration
    - Using webhooks, you can have all of your SoleStash activity logged to your Discord webhook and shown in your own private channel. Webhooks are used primarily to notify you of subscription renewals and package arrivals, but you can also use it for inventory calculations and sales logging.
  • SoleStash Discord Bot
    - New shoes are releasing all of the time, which makes it hard for us to have an up-to-date shoe database. We have solved this issue by creating our own Discord bot to add new shoes instantly. If you can't find a shoe on the website, simply go to the SoleStash Discord Server and use the command +add [Item Name/SKU].
  • Global Web Platform
    - SoleStash isn't limited to one device or country, we are a web platform that can be accessed from anywhere. From a PC to a smartphone, our UI automatically scales to your device so you have the best portability and accessibility available to you at all times. We also support all global currencies and sizing preferences for clothing, shoes etc.
  • SoleSource
    - Search through public inventories on SoleStash to source the exact shoes you need for the price you're looking for.
  • iPhone Location Spoofer
    - Spoof your iPhone location using our website without needing any sort of Jailbreak. Makes it possible to cop SNKRS pass outside of ranges! Undetectable by Nike.
  • The World's First Web-Based 3DS Solver
    - Solve your Revolut Business 3DS transactions from any device using our website. All you need is access to our website, start your tasks from a Smart Fridge if you wish. Completely cloud-based, secure and lightning fast. SoleStash is the first software to develop and release this. Must be purchased separately from a normal membership!
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